Australia Sister School Program



This summer, some of our senior high school students had the opportunity to spend over two weeks in Australia, as part of our homestay program, and immerse themselves in an all-Australian environment. We had 18 students who participated in this homestay. The program was open only to female participants, since both of our sister schools in Australia, Fintona and Fahan,  are girls’ schools. 

One group stayed on the so-called ‘big island’ near the suburbs of Melbourne. The students had a great time attending classes with their host sisters and learning more about art and technology at their newly-designed STEM center. On the weekends, they got to experience what life is like in the big melting pot of Australia. They helped their new classmates organize a fundraising bake sale to support the local community, and on their last day of school they could enjoy a farewell BBQ party at school. 

The other group stayed in the biggest city in Tasmania, Hobart. Here, the students had the opportunity to participate in various school events - a band contest, a swimming carnival, and they joined various sports activities. They also got the chance to explore the lush local nature and wildlife, all while improving their English skills.

At the end of the trip, all the students got together for a short tour around Sydney and the famous opera house. The students came back full of positive impressions, with a huge desire to keep improving their English skills and learn more about other cultures.

                                      Marija Pavlovic Global Education Coordinator